I’m happy to help!

I’m well trained in counseling, and cooking. My approach to macrobiotics combines common sense, support, understanding and fun.

But before we get started I need to learn about you. The more information I have about your current health, and past health, the better I can help.

So here is my health history form:

health history form

And I’ll need a weekly food diary

weekly food diary

And there are many other good options too if you want help with macrobiotics.


There are many books both new and old that can help you broaden your understanding with theory and recipes. Be careful here because some of the older books (1980 and before) might need updating.
Here are a few of my favorites:

Theory-and some recipes:

The Hip Chick’s guide to Macrobiotics

Jessica rocks, and I highly recommend her book as a perfect first book. It also a great reread when you need to get back to basics.
The Everything Guide to macrobiotics

This is a great second book. A little more theory, and the charts are clear and easy to understand.

Japanese foods that heal

An amazing book about how traditional japanese foods are made, harvested, processed etc. No theory or recipes but very interesting.

Recipes only

Aveline Kushi’s Complete guide to Macrobiotic Cooking

This one is packed with recipes. Hundreds and Hundreds. And they are easy to understand, and recreate. I use this one all the time.

Sublime Soups and Quick Breads

Bomb Proof recipes. Easy soups and very tasty every time.




There is tons of information online, and more every day.
Here are a few links to my favorites:


A macrobiotic counselor is a great way to learn about Macrobiotics. Nothing beats a one on one experience, and the personalized guidance you get is not something you can get in a book or online.

Here are a few links to my favorites including institutes.

Macrobiotics America
Kushi Institute
Macrobiotics of New England