I can make this a short post by summing it up in one word…Tired.

Of course there are the clothes, books, art etc. to deal with, but what’s pertinent here relates to the garden. And Here’s the progress:

A and G lumber were amazing!They are so hip, they don’t even have a web site, so that’s the yelp link.  Not only did I get 12 inch rough cut redwood boards at a sweet price, but they were able to cut them down to the right sizes. I have enough lumber for 4 4X6 foot raised beds. Jeff and I put two of them together, and they are waiting for the bio-dynamic soil, which is coming today from Malibu Compost. Then comes the drip system, and none too soon, because my seedlings are no longer seedlings, and are anxious for a home where they too can lay down roots (sorry).

After placing the beds where i want them, i had to dig out the sod, confirming that the soil is very clayey, which is good news and bad news.  Bad news is that clay soil is hard for roots to penetrate. Good news is that clayey soil is very nutritive, so if i can aerate it, and bring it to life, then lots of possibilities. Other good news is that when I was  lifting up the sod I saw tons of worms!

And as for shopping, I’ve ordered more seeds from my favorite seed company Botanical Interests. I’ve ordered bamboo polls (for my bean teepees) from this great bamboo shop Sunset Bamboo, and a few gardening tools too.I like to shop.

As my friend Ray say, “you have to have the right tools”.