So we’ve been moved in officially three weeks, and Looking back, we have done plenty.
As for the garden, the seedlings did well, but the transplanting to the raised bed didn’t go so well. So I reached out to everyone I could think of, and at the top of my list is Tara from Silver lake farms. I sent her a few photos, and she diagnosed the problem right away, and taught me a new word.


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Etiolation (pronounced /iːtɪəˈleɪʃən/) is a process in flowering plants grown in partial or complete absence of light.[1] It is characterized by long, weak stems; smaller, sparser leaves due to longer internodes; and a pale yellow color (chlorosis).



Etiolation increases the likelihood that a plant will reach a light source, often from under the soil, leaf litter, or shade from competing plants. The growing tips are strongly attracted to light and will elongate towards it. The pale color results from a lack of chlorophyll.

Some of the changes that occur include:

  1. elongation of stems and leaves;
  2. weakening of cell walls in stems and leaves;
  3. longer internodes, hence fewer leaves per unit length of stem;
  4. chlorosis, a pale yellowish-white coloration.


So it seems that even though I thought my seedlings were getting enough sun, really they were not. And so they were reaching for the window, and all that stretching and reaching weakened them a bit. It especially affected the beans. The kabocha seem to be doing a bit better. I still like the idea of starting some of my plants from seed, and am lucky enough to have power in my shed. And there are a few old florescent light fixtures that seem to work. So I could move them over the seeds, change the bulbs, get a timer, and maybe have success that way.

But for the present,the next batch I’ve  starting from seed directly in the second raised bed, and we’ll see how that goes.


In cooking news, I’m more in love with my new range each day. I baked bread twice last week. One was a basic easy loaf, and then I made pita bread!

And I must say, after a trial or two, it came out fine.

Also last night I  made granola, for the first time, which was much better than anything I’ve ever had from a store. What a treat!