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Come join us for a full day of Macrobiotic lectures, cooking classes and delicious meals on these beautiful grounds in the heart of LA.  You will have the opportunity to attend five one-and-a-half hour classes and enjoy a catered lunch and dinner buffet.  For beginners to advanced practitioners we offer a “two track” system with ten classes total to choose from.

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Los Angeles Macrobiotic Conference Presents

Danny Kessler – Host

Danny became vegan in 1980 and eliminated caffeine, sugar and alcohol from his diet as well. He has been interested in Macrobiotics since the ‘80’s and was finally able to dedicate himself to it completely in 2005. Since then he has studied and read as much as possible, with the crowning achievement of completing David Briscoe’s Macrobiotics America Counselor training.

Jeanne Beveridge – Host & Teacher

Jeanne has been practicing Macrobiotics for over a decade and teaches weekly classes in the LA area. She is a graduate of the Kushi Institute and is also a Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Her company 7th Element offers a wide variety of services to the community and specializes in writing original recipes based on the principles of Macrobiotics for a happy, healthy life.

David Briscoe – Teacher and Macrobiotic Counselor

David Briscoe is one of the most experienced Macrobiotic teachers and counselors in the world today. He has gained expertise in every facet of Macrobiotics. He is highly regarded for his vast experience in the areas of Macrobiotic healing diet, home remedies and lifestyle re-balancing, and he is considered one of the leading trainers of macrobiotic counselors and teachers. Co-founder of Macrobiotics America and Macrobiotics Global, the first Macrobiotic educational programs via the internet.

William Spear – Teacher and Macrobiotic Counselor

William Spear is an internationally recognized macrobiotic educator, consultant and author whose expertise includes integrative health, recovery from emotional trauma, feng shui and personal transformation. For four decades, he has taught macrobiotics at dozens of international conferences in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia. His warmth, humor, insight, and wealth of experience and knowledge make him one of the most popular, accessible counselors as well as an engaging, informative speaker.

Eric Lechasseur – Teacher & Professional Chef
Sanae Suzuki – Teacher & Macrobiotic Counselor

Eric and Sanae are owners of a fabulous organic vegan macrobiotics restaurant Seed Kitchen, www.seedkitchen.com, in Venice, California. And are authors of three Macrobiotic cookbooks. They specialize in plant base diet: offering vegan macrobiotics lecture, cooking, nutrition counseling, restaurant consultant, and education in a sustainable lifestyle since 1996.

Patrick Grosset – Teacher & Professional Chef

Patrick is a professionally trained French chef and a graduate of the Kushi Institute for Macrobiotics. He is also a Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner. His company 7th Element Services specializes in creating Macrobiotically balanced dishes and he shares his talents as a private chef, teacher and enjoys catering events. He is continuing his education in raw foods and Chinese herbs, broadening his knowledge to embrace the natural elements available for healing.

Jessica Porter – Teacher

Jessica Porter wrote The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics and co-wrote The Kind Diet with Alicia Silverstone. She teaches Macrobiotic cooking classes in Santa Monica, CA, where she lectures on the spiritual and emotional dimensions of Macrobiotic practice. She has also taught cooking in New York, Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta, Portland, Maine and London. Her new book “The MILF Diet” is coming out in 2013.

Laura Taylor – Teacher

Laura Taylor began the study of Macrobiotics in 1980 after experiencing a personal health crisis. She attended classes with many different teachers throughout the last 32 years, some of which have included: Herman & Cornelia Aihara, Michio Kushi, Donna Wilson, Meredith McCarty, Patrick McCarty, Kristina Turner, Ed Esko, Mindy Boxer, David Briscoe, and Mina Dobic. Laura has studied extensively at the Kushi Institute. Laura is a private chef, teacher and caters small events.

Karen Bryson – Teacher

Karen Bryson’s adventure into Macrobiotic eating and lifestyle began in 1998 when she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. After undergoing surgery, but rejecting all other medical treatments including chemotherapy, she felt there had to be a more natural way to heal her body. Karen began an intensive study and practice of Macrobiotic principles. She graduated from the Kushi Institute’s “Health Guide” training program and is a qualified teacher in cooking and lifestyle guidance. Karen is a private chef, teacher and caters small events.

Sachi Kato – Ambassador

Born in Gifu, Japan, Sachi moved to California where in her desire for a more natural way of living, she discovered Macrobiotics. Sachi’s interests was in seeing Macrobiotics on a global level, which led her to study at Kushi institutes in the US, Europe and Japan completing all three levels. Currently she is pursuing completion of Level 4. Her passion for sharing Macrobiotics offers nurturing meals for the healing enjoyment of people. She is a Macrobiotic chef and educator based in Los Angeles.

Candice Brokaw – Ambassador

Candice is a Macrobiotic cook and educator. She trained at the Kushi Institute finishing the Macrobiotic Leadership Program and Advanced Training. Candice works as a macrobiotic cook and caterer in her hometown of LA. “I like being with people who love what they do and the Macrobiotic community inspires me to nurture the whole individual – body, mind and spirit”.

Sparky Thorton and Cassie Cohen – Ambassadors

Sparky Thornton is a Level 4 graduate of the Kushi Institute.
Sparky and Cassie assisted 7th Element in their commercial kitchen and farmers’ markets producing a Macrobiotic food-line for two years. They teach, give guidance sessions, private chef services, and cater. Their goal is to spread the Macrobiotic philosophy as far and wide as possible while at the same time ensuring it is being represented as the conscious and caring movement they are passionate about.


Julia Ferre – George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation

Julia began her personal transformation healing from allergies and addictions through a change in lifestyle in 1980 when she adopted a whole foods plant-based diet and a macrobiotic lifestyle. Julia wrote her first book, “Basic Macrobiotic Cooking, in 1987. Julia and husband Carl manage the George Ohsawa Macrobiotic Foundation, they also write for and publish “Macrobiotics Today” magazine. GOMF sponsors an annual French Meadows Summer Camp for which Julia wrote her second book the “French Meadows Cookbook”.


Karen Garvey – Ambassador

Karen Garvey has been teaching yoga since 2001. She came to macrobiotics five years ago during her recovery from a severe toxic mold exposure. She teaches private yoga therapy in Los Angeles, as well as each summer at the George Ohsawa French Meadows camp. Karen assists her macrobiotic teacher, Warren Kramer, during his LA visits. She also teaches macrobiotic cooking, specializing in Cooking For Kids and Gluten-Free Cooking. See Karen’s gluten-free recipes in the Sept/Oct 2012 issue of Macrobiotics Today.



Class Topics

Beginners Track:
• David Briscoe “Acid-Alkaline Health Made Easy”
• Jeanne Beveridge “Foundational Foods” (cooking class)
• William Spear “The Spirit of Macrobiotics: Healing Ourselves with Ancient Traditions and Common Sense”
• Jeanne Beveridge “Basic Home Remedies” (cooking class)
• Jessica Porter “The Yin and Yang of Neuroscience”

Advanced Track:
• David Briscoe “New Diagnosis Techniques: Beyond What’s In The Books”
• Patrick Grosset “Macrobiotics: Between Cooked and Raw” (cooking class)
• Eric Lechasseur & Sanae Suzuki “Simple, Delicious, Practical & Healthy Cooking for Everyone” (cooking class)
• Laura Taylor & Karen Bryson “Demystifying External Remedies”
• Jessica Porter “The Yin and Yang of Neuroscience”



Class Descriptions

Beginners Track – for those new to the world of Macrobiotics

“Acid-Alkaline Health Made Easy” by David Briscoe
It’s way too complicated, all of the information out there about acid and alkaline. Let’s make it simple and easy to understand so that you can actually use it in daily life for your own health and well-being. In this session you’ll learn why it’s important to know about the acid-alkaline internal environment of your own body, obvious symptoms of excess acidity, and how food and lifestyle factors, even sone so-called “healthy” foods, are contributing to acid-alkaline imbalance. And you’ll learn the list of the Top 10 Alkaline Supportive Foods. Acid-alkaline understanding can be a practical tool for your daily life when it’s made easy.

“Foundational Foods” by Jeanne Beveridge
This is a cooking class designed for those who are just entering into the world of a plant based diet and embracing whole foods. Come join Jeanne as we explore the foundational elements of balancing a Macrobiotic diet to create health and happiness.

“The Spirit of Macrobiotics: Healing Ourselves with Ancient Traditions and Common Sense” by William Spear
Acknowledging that our daily food is a key component of well being, we must take into account the spirit and purpose behind dietary recommendations in order to maintain our health over time. Macrobiotics has represented “the great way of life,” reflecting how a wise person could heal naturally and safely; however, for some, macrobiotics became a set of rules resulting in completely the opposite outcome. What happened?

As people begin to consider more holistic approaches, we need to be aware of the many choices within a wide range of possibilities — and find out what works for each individual. Modern science acknowledges and validates the basis of the macrobiotic dietary practice yet it is the spirit behind each individual’s daily practice that might make the real difference — the spirit of inclusion rather than exclusion, flexibility rather than rigidity and the joyful pursuit of our dreams.

“Basic Home Remedies” by Jeanne Beveridge
Create home remedies for everyday ailments in your own kitchen. Simply natural, very powerful ingredients combined in recipes to return you to balance and create harmony within.


Advanced Track – for those already practicing the Macrobiotic lifestyle

“New Diagnosis Techniques: Beyond What’s In The Books” by David Briscoe
After 35 years of macrobiotic counseling, David has developed many of his own unique diagnosis techniques. He’ll be sharing some of the most useful ones in this session. Learn to look at your hands, skin, eyes and symptoms, to read what your body is trying to tell you.

“Macrobiotics: Between Cooked and Raw” by Patrick Grosset
Come explore the overall balance of cooked and raw foods in the Macrobiotic diet.

“Simple, Delicious, Practical & Healthy Cooking for Everyone” by Eric Lechasseur & Sanae Suzuki
Chef Eric and his wife Sanae will show you how to cook simple, delicious and practical food using healthy macrobiotic principles and everyday home ingredients.
• Easy Miso Pickling
• Brown Rice Pasta with Tempeh and Land and Sea Vegetables
• Kimpira Gobo
• Kabocha Millet Cake

“Demystifying External Remedies” by Laura Taylor & Karen Bryson
Have you ever been perplexed by a compress or plaster?
Karen and Laura will demonstrate how to make some invaluable external remedies from common kitchen ingredients. Compresses, plasters and soaks using specific foods can alleviate many physical ailments and speed the healing of injuries. Join us for this fun and informative class.

“The Yin and Yang of Neuroscience” by Jessica Porter
Macrobiotics meets Science: In the last decade, neuropsychiatry has exploded with fascinating information showing the differences between the genders and their hard-wiring. It turns out the yin and yang of men and women has some scientific back-up. In this lecture, Jessica will explore what science is telling us about our selves, our brains, and macrobiotic theory. This information will send us off with new insights and options as we continue our macro adventures in the “real” world.



Conference Menus Catered by Seed Kitchen


Quinoa Salad with Nori Strips
Three Beans Chili
Green Salad with Tahini Dressing
Corn muffin with Carrot Butter

Brown rice with Arame
Creamy Carrot Soup
Squash Tempeh Tagine
Ume Radish
Dessert: Mousse



Also featuring vendors, sponsors and giveaways!

George Oshawa Foundation, Goldmine Natural Foods, Eden Foods, Seed Kitchen and more to come!

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Additional Services Available Throughout the Conference


Services by David Briscoe

Traditional Macrobiotic Consultation
Receive the benefit of 37 years of macrobiotic counseling experience during this
consultation where you will be guided toward the most appropriate ways of implementing a
macrobiotic diet and lifestyle for your personal needs. Find out how to open the door to restoring your health and well-being in ways
you never imagined possible.

Single: $225 (1hr 15 min)
Couple: $400 (2 hrs)
Family of up to 4: $500 (more than 4, add $100 per person) (3 hrs)

Acid-Alkaline Health™ Consultation
(Fees and times same as above)
An Acid-Alkaline Health Consultation will help you identify the areas of your health, lifestyle and
diet, that are contributing to health challenges from the focus of acid-alkaline theory.

More Plants On Your Plate™ Vegan Lifestyle and Health Consultation
(Fees and time same as above)
Many vegans can benefit from applying traditional principles of balance to their vegan practice.
Without principle soy balance, a vegan diet is ethsical but maybe not as healthy for the person as it could be. In this consultation we will explore how to make a vegan practice healthy for you as well as the animals.

CRS (Cancer Recovery Support) Consultation
The special needs of the recovering cancer patient are addressed inW this consultation and the regular follow-up that goes with it during the weeks after the consultation. It’s important that the person recovering from cancer have regular monitoring and guidance. In this session you will receive guidance and detailed recommendations regarding the traditional macrobiotic “healing diet,” adjusted for your personal needs and circumstances. Fee: $475

Original Heart™ Consultation: Healing Your Emotional Body, Restoring The True Organic You
Be guided in exploring and identifying how life experiences have caused blocks to your natural self-expression and preventing you from being more fully who you really are. You will be introduced to the language of your body and how to read the story it is telling you about your life since childhood. By identifying and learning to dissolve emotional body blocks, you can continue to explore and restore who you naturally are in the world. Fee: $225 (one on one only) 1hr 15 minutes.

Ancestral Spiritual Healing Consultation
We are each inseparable from the lives of our family members who came before us, even going back many generations and beyond. By exploring Ancestral Spiritual Healing we are able to deepen this connection as we restore our understanding of how those who have come before are still part of our family and lives today. By looking deeply and listening deeply, we can heal any long-lingering energy of family tragedies, unfulfilled life energy of past family members, and any on-going unknown turbulence in the family spirit. And we can also celebrate and be thankful for the amazing family that came before us and without which we could not be here today. In this process we may discover new personal vitality, ease of being in the world, the ability to be truly present in daily life, renewed physical healing, and the wholeness of life, past, present and future.

To set up an appointment please email David directly at: David@macroamerica.com


Services by William Spear

Macrobiotic Counseling & Feng Shui Visits: 860-567-2535 or email w@williamspear.com

An initial macrobiotic consultation with William Spear lasts about 1-1.5 hours for which the fee is $360 payable in cash or check only. Follow up visits, set at the discretion of the client, are $220 for 1 hour. There is ongoing support following a consultation by email or telephone for a period of 3 months. William Spear will also be available for feng shui consultations which require visits to properties as well as meeting privately. Please contact him in advance for feng shui consults.

The following information to help clients understand a macorbiotic consultation is from William’s website:

“The purpose of a macrobiotic consultation is to help individuals and families make meaningful, healthful choices to reshape their lives, including both their physical and their emotional health. Making macrobiotic choices alters the internal landscape, reorders the self and allows lasting healing to occur.
As your macrobiotic counselor, Spear evaluates your answers to a questionnaire you fill out prior to your visit and, during a personal visit, asks other questions pertinent to your integrative health needs. He makes both broad and specific dietary, lifestyle, and exercise suggestions to overcome sickness and pursue preventive measures to develop more vibrant, enduring health and well-being. No personal question or concern on your part is taboo or surprising; Spear has successfully guided thousands of people from all walks of life, greeting each with compassion and expertise. He is well versed in standard medical approaches to serious illness and works closely with many physicians in various specialties to assure maximum benefit and support.”


Services by Sanae Suzuki

Macrobiotic Mini Counseling - 1 hour $150

Introduction to the path to whole-health macrobiotic healing: how to start or fine-tune the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle to be in harmony with your personal whole health. This session includes a macrobiotic health assessment, discussion of the macrobiotic view of the cause of your present health problems, and recommendations on your personalized lifestyle, dietary needs, and home-remedy solutions.

Macrobiotic Skin Therapy - 1 hour $150
Introduction to creating truly beautiful, healthy skin from both inside and outside. Our skin is one of our largest organs, exposed to everything from the outside world: smog, exhaust gas, dust, smoke, unhealthy foods and all kinds of commercial skincare products that we use daily without thinking about the ingredients and their effects, short and long term, on our health.

Shiatsu and Reflexology
including foot, hand, ear, jaw, face and skull massage 1 hour $100
Introduction to macrobiotic principle of Shiatsu: Detox stagnation on meridian points of organs and give flow of natural Chi to boost your energy. Massage therapy to areas of the body where you usually do not receive much attention.

Macrobiotic Pet Therapy – 1 hour $100
For 15 years I have been making macrobiotic food for my pets and caring for them with all natural medicine. Healthy pet food recipes for general and specific conditions, flower essence remedy and pet massage points.

To set up an appointment please email Sanae directly at: contact@seedkithen.com


For more information about the conference:
Danny Kessler (323) 376-1699
Jeanne Beveridge (818) 512-9195

* Please note we do not guarantee walk-in seating the day of the event. We have a limited capacity and recommend registering prior to the event to reserve your spot.

* We have a no refund policy after October 10th but will honor participant replacement for the conference.