I love late summer. I like the feeling of settling down. It feels like preparing for something. And since I’m getting used to a new kitchen, all the more fun. Remember the blood cells you are making today, will last 100 days, and be with you through December. Imagine the red blood cells you use to digest holiday meals are being built now. So make them carefully, and thoughtfully.

Every day is different. Everybody is different. And every neighborhood is different, but here is some of my transitioning food:

I’m baking a bit more. Honestly I love my new range so much that I’m searching for any excuse to use it.

I’ve even starting making granola. This is something I would have been doing for years had I know how easy and delicious it is.

And if you’ve never used a tagine, you must try it. I use it for my Nishime cooking, and am never unhappy with the results. And I can adjust timing and heat as the seasons change. With rice sometimes, and with Quinoa or couscous sometimes.

And as the winter squash become more available, I jump at the chance. This one is like a Delacato.

And last night I bought the first Kabocha of the season. I pressure cooked it with short grain rice, sweet rice, and dried chestnuts.

Oh, that reminds me. I have leftovers.

I hope you transition goes smoothly. Start now for winter health.