Well now that my squash have grown into teenagers, all they can think about is sex sex sex! I’ve learned a great deal about how to help them through this difficult time. Firstly, squash are very special in this regard. They don’t self pollinate. They produce male and female flowers, and hope that some of the pollen from the male finds it’s way to the females. Of course that’s where the bees, and other pollinators come in handy. And since my garden is full of bees, I’m in pretty good shape. But wanting to be part of the fun, every morning I take a Q tip, rub it on the male blossoms and some of the pollen comes off. Then I rub the q tip on the female blossom, hopefulyl transferring some of the pollen. Soft music and a glass of wine helps too.

Then I announce to the bees, who are currently very interested in my pepper tree  that seems to be producing some yummy flower, “hey bees, when you get a chance there are some bright beautiful squash blossoms that could use some of your magic.” and then I go to work.

What a life.