Spring is a time of renewal. All winter long nature has been storing, conserving and holding. And now all that energy bursts forth everywhere we look. Plants that have been dormant begin to send out green shoots. Other plants sprout and flowering plants begin to bud. But it’s not just plants that respond to the spring. Animals too wake up from a quiet time. The sun warms the ground and, air and makes it easier to explore, hunt, forage, reproduce, or give birth. And that applies to people too.

Spring is a great time to start projects. Begin plans, wake up, engage our stored energy. Spring energy is not just upward, but like a tree, spring energy is outward too. It’s about spreading out, seeing things new, or for the first time. I think school should start in the spring instead of the fall.

For macrobiotic cooking this means light cooking. Put away the pressure cooker, and replace it with a wok, or other sauté pan where