…went off without a hitch. In fact it was a pretty big success. No we didn’t have 200, or even 100 attendee, but those that were there were very happy, and that’s all that matters.

I arrived at the church at 7AM, and at 8 or 8:30 when all then vendors and helpers began showing up, I must admit, I was a little overwhelmed. It was hard to imagine that my idea was coming to fruition. Well all you need is right minded people, and intention, and I guess anything can happen. Don’t forget to vote.

As the day progressed, I bounced from class to class, watching and listening, and everyone seemed engaged in the process.  Lunch and dinner were fabulous (Thank you Eric and Sanae) and as the day wore on, there seemed a nice vibe throughout.

I loved meeting people I had only spoken to on the phone, and that’s what community is all about really.

I also must admit, by afternoon I did get tired, but was able to take a little quiet time for myself in the garden, and that helped. Then dinner fortified me, and then Jessica Porter blew us all away with her lecture, and after a few minutes of putting chairs and tables away it was time to go home and collapse. (figuratively, not literally)

But thanks to macrobiotics, I was up the next morning with energy and enthusiasm to begin planning