It’s early sunday morning, and before I do my morning yoga, I thought I’d submit my first blog post.

Firstly I have to thank Eric, who built the website and tirelessly helped teach me how to use it.

Secondly I want to thank anyone wants to be part of this project, whatever it evolves into.

So what will this blog be about? Well I certainly want to focus on MB, but I mean that in the broadest sense. I have so many interests that are health related. Hopefully this blog will be an opportunity to bring them to you. And as long as I have my camera  …..

  • Short trips to local organic farms
  • Visiting MB counselors
  • Backyard gardens
  • MB conferences
  • Tempeh, Amazaki, Tofu, mochi factories
  • Rice farms

Who knows where this journey will lead. But it begins here and now.